There, that’s a sufficient (albeit predictable) title.  Here marks the humble beginnings of an ego-indulging project, in which a young girl dangling precariously on the cusp of adulthood (cusp is rather a delightful word, and for some reason makes me think of creme brulee, which is a dish I’m actually not fond of) decides to fool herself into thinking that her diary is somehow relevant to the rest of the world.
Unfortunately, August is rather a dull month, and it will likely prove difficult for me to believe such an illusion as summer wanes, for I must admit I give way to a grave vice during summer: over-indulging myself in empty delights such as television and food, and giving way to physical as well as mental lethargy.  Freedom isn’t liberating, it imprisons one within oneself; therefore I eagerly await autumn and the return to a structured and somewhat restricted situation: school.  The major change this year, is that it will be my first year in university, which I am moderately looking forward to, not wanting to prematurely attribute anything too life-altering to these seemingly pivotal years which lie before me.  So it is that I endure these lazy hazy days of purgatory, and await my new beginning.  First blog, first year at uni, how fitting.