De la manana, tengo un examen del espanol.  Estudio todo el dia y miro los programas en youtube con los subtitlos en espanol.  Muy buen divertidos!  Mi gramatica es horrible y no hay las tildes (no sabo si “tildes” es el palabra correcta) con WordPress.  Realmente, deseo escriber el parrafo en espanol, pero no peudo escriber.

Bueno, Feliz Halloween, todos.  Comes muchos los dulces!  O los alimentos saludables, si tu nombre es Jessica.   Tengo consado!  Buenas noches.

Ok, so what that was all meant to say was simply:

Tomorrow, I have a Spanish exam.  I study all day{I don’t yet know past tense} and watch shows on youtube with Spanish subtitles.  Very good entertainment!  My grammar is horrible and there are no accents (I don’t know if “tildes” is the right word) with wordpress.  Really, I want to write a paragraph in Spanish but I cannot write.

Well, Happy Halloween, everybody.  Eat lots of candy.  Or healthy foods, if your name is Jessica.  I am tired.  Good night.

The passage is a lot more fun in my sexy (albeit botched) Spanish.  This is why becoming trilingual is of the utmost importance!  Forget travel and work opportunities, I just want to sound exotic no matter how bland the subject matter may be that I am discussing!  🙂