I must profess that my sub-conscience has an unusual and excellent way of keeping me entertained while I sleep.  Last night I had a dream within a dream. I woke up to find myself in a horse-drawn carriage travelling along city streets I wasn’t familiar with, in the dead of winter. It was a little eerie as there was no driver, and as previously stated, the area was unfamiliar to me. Yet I wasn’t cold despite my meagre garments, and the houses along the streets were quite pretty. Sometime after finding myself safely returned to my bed, I discovered that it had been a painting an artist had put me in. I was tracking him down trying to determine why he did so but I don’t think I received a definite answer.
I have been in a horse drawn carriage only once in my true wakeful hours; on my trip to Montreal this past summer with my parents. It is a popular tourist activity there and we all enjoyed it; the only aspect that makes it less elegant than one would imagine is the smell of horse deposits that line the streets one travels on. Despite this, I sometimes have a fanciful wish that we all still travelled in carriages all the time. I think my mother would be rather inclined to the idea also; at least, if cabs were only ever horse-drawn affairs because she always feels that cab motorists drive dangerously fast. Her nerves were shot in the cab from the airport to the hotel on our first day. On a somewhat unrelated note, I also had the opportunity to view the inside of Notre Dame church while I was in Montreal, and it is intricately vast and beautiful. It was a treat to look at it, but it does make one wonder as to the odd… how I shall I describe it?  Almost arbitrariness of religion. Art is painstaking but does it really satisfy our souls or our attraction to extravagance?  No exquisite sculpture of Moses ever put a meal in any impoverished person’s stomach.  But it is an old conflict I suppose, residing in the hearts of fortunate humans almost as long as time itself.  My, I seem far less caustic and more philosophical than yesterday. Both states are rather tiresome I suppose.
On another note, in the past couple days I have found a new magnum opus for myself, which is good (will never forget what the original animated Charlotte’s Web film did to enrich my vocabulary). I have a play script in the early stages of development; it is intended to be a mild comedy inspired by Oscar Wilde’s delightfully sparkling dialogues. He has been a great companion to me this past summer, and a lovely muse, I must admit. I very much hope to see this project through to completion, I have a habit of deciding my work is not up to par and giving up part way through.