My friends just left after coming over to spend a pleasant evening playing board games and chatting.  Everyone is trying to put their futures together, which is an extremely involved process in Newfoundland.  Essentially the weight of the world rests upon public examinations, these 3 hour extravaganzas which are worth 50% of one’s entire grade.  Upon entering grade 12 you have a year of preaching ahead of you to look forward to, all your core subject teachers are going to preach all year about the importance of the public exams and remind you incessantly that you are taking a public exam course, just in case there are any particularly fanciful members of the class who are waiting for their fairy godmothers to show up and turn the public exam course into an automatic diploma.  You get to write this set of public exams twice, as most teachers will insist you write a practice public which is still worth marks.  If you get overwhelmed by your course load and all of these publics, and end up failing one, you then have to wait until more than half the summer is gone before receiving your final grades — basically the report card you receive at the end of the school year is meaningless, and not worth waiting for during the five hour assembly at which people get awards for everything from being unbearably chirpy keeners to showing up at a mentor’s meeting once in their high school lives.  If you do fail a public,you then have two week’s notice to prepare for the exam all over again — in August you can write a supplementary,in which you get a new public on all the same material.  You can end up writing one or two publics 3 times in total if you’re unfortunate: you have your "phony" prepartory public,followed by public take one and then public take two. If you fail public take two,then you may as well forget the word "university" even exists because you’re not getting into one without a lot of hassle. Which unfortunately is the case for a couple of my friends, luckily not for me!     
My pal Susan wants to compare schedules so we can determine when we’re on breaks at the same time so we can meet up (we are both attending Mun in the fall.)  That will be nice, I don’t want to be too lonely my first semester. Brandon is crackers and is going to be busy all day everyday basically; he’s taking every science course under the sun on top of math and English. He has the intelligence for it but I don’t envy him.
Right now I am thinking about the fact that close to the end of the school year a student at my high school died (one I didn’t know) and a lot of people seemed shocked (which I thought was kind of odd, people of all ages die all the time) and many people were cynical (which wasn’t odd at all) commenting on the opportunism of certain students (ones who went to the lobby during class to look sombrely at his memorial although they did not even know him, etc.) and a number of people did not seem to care one way or the other, and the teachers all seemed to think it was unfortunate, but naturally they mainly just wanted everyone to focus on their public exams.  For whatever reason I’ve been fixated on the seventeenth century the past few days, not due to anything unique about the period, I simply keep thinking how everyone who was alive then has been dead quite a long time. Well, I am quite tired and I suppose I ought to go to bed, to rest myself for another day of purgatory which is the best my life has had to offer lately. I hope I’ll be happier when September arrives.