I spent the afternoon at the home of my friend Brandon, at which I had the opportunity to learn what my singing voice sounds like (far more feeble than I had thought) via a karaoke video game which records your work, and view an episode of Doctor Who for the first time. I also inadvertently almost killed one of the dogs and am sure I shall now be banned from any further Scrabble games at Brandon’s house, or board games of any kind for that matter. Aw,I lie, Brandon spoils me, he forgives me everything.  I later had a chat with my therapist in which we agreed I should be ok on my own, at least for a little while, so that was good.  (Fortunately the incident with my canine friend Holly wasn’t too traumatic for me.Smile)  I indulged some literary tastes this evening by reading Edgar Allen Poe, and I discovered a lovely little grim tale entitled "The Oval Portrait", which echoes some of the themes within the story of Dorian’s portrait, though in this case the fault was the artist’s, rather than the subject. What grave implications paintings seemed to have had in the nineteenth century!  I am clearly in need of an English course; fortunately September draws ever nearer. God, August can be a dull month. Well, I just looked at pictures of my cousin Tyler’s baby on his brother’s blog. The baby’s name is Luca, I really like that name. His mother is Italian. I’m trying to figure out what I am to Luca, a second cousin or something else? Anyway, that’s it for today.